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Self Improvement

What are you working on in your life? Are you better than you were yesterday? We all have areas in our lives we work on no matter our age.


Enjoy your day!

Sandra Shields, Certified Health Coach

Are You Making Your Past Health Choices Your Destiny?

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There is a quote from Nutritional Biochemist, Author & Speaker Dr. Libby Weaver, “Are we living too short and dying too long?”

Your genes and past health choices do not have to be your destiny. You can make a decision that you are going to get healthier, have more energy, and take better care of yourself starting today.

The human body is fascinating and amazing. It wants to repair itself! That is why the food you eat is so important. Does your body have to spend time figuring out what it is you are fueling it with (junk and processed food), or are you giving it real food fuel to let it spend it’s time using the nutrients to repair areas that need attention? Isn’t it a miracle that your body is like a very complex computer? It knows when to breath. Your heart beats and pumps blood through your system without you telling it to. If you are cut or injured it works immediately on beginning the process of repair. The top layer of our skin regenerates once a month. Every three months our blood supply is completely replaced.

Where are you on your health journey? What steps can you take today?

Wishing you a long, healthy life!

Sandra Shields, Certified Health Coach
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