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Kale Me Later – Day 4 – Seven Days of Smoothies

The midway point of Seven Days of Smoothies is today! You didn’t think I would forget about green smoothies did you? They are my favorite! In fact I love them so much, I want to give you an an A-Okay to throw greens into any of the smoothies on this seven day challenge! Kale Me Later is the smoothie of the day, but you’re going to want to do it now not later. ūüôā

Lucuma powder, a¬†maple flavored natural sweetener from the Inca fruit which contains¬†iron, zinc, vitamin B3, calcium, and beta caroteine is an optional add in to your smoothie. Matcha adds green tea flavor to the smoothie as well as a powerhouse of antioxidants like the Catechin EGCg known for it’s cancer protective properties. It is energizing, detoxifying, and helps concentration and focus.

If you want more green goodness, feel free to double this recipe for a larger smoothie!

Kale Me Later - Day 4 - Seven Days of Smoothies

Kale Me Later Smoothie


1/2 Cup Green Grapes

1/2 Green Apple, Core Removed

1 Cup Frozen Kale (fast & convenient, prewashed)

1 Tablespoon Lucuma Powder (optional but good)

1 Teaspoon Matcha Green Tea

1/2 Cup Crushed Ice

2 Tablespoons of Grass Fed Gelatin or Your Favorite Protein Powder (add after initial blending and blend just until incorporated to prevent foaming)

Blend all the ingredients together until very smooth. Then add the gelatin or protein powder and blend briefly.



How To Make a Good Morning Gorgeous Smoothie Bowl Video Demonstration by Me

Hi everyone! I am sharing with you today this quick three minute video where I demonstrate how to make a Good Morning Gorgeous Smoothie Bowl. You can find the full recipe here.

Good Morning Gorgeous Smoothie Bowl!

Good Morning Gorgeous Smoothie Bowl!


Enjoy your day!


Good Morning Gorgeous Smoothie Bowl!

Good Morning Gorgeous! Smoothie Bowl

Good Morning Gorgeous!!! Yes, you are a gorgeous person! Today I have a fantastic new Smoothie Bowl Recipe to share with you that will help make your insides gorgeous too, and when we are gorgeous on the inside, it naturally makes us glow outward! Wouldn’t you agree? ¬†This smoothie is a nourishing breakfast bowl full of only real food, fiber, protein, and you are getting in a serving of greens all in an easily assimilated, highly digestible way! I am a big fan of smoothies in the morning, because our digestive system has been resting as we sleep. It is an optimal time to put a blended meal in our bodies to quickly absorb the nutrients and keep us energized throughout the morning, with just the right amount of calories. This smoothie has low sugar berries, banana and a few slices of mango. The flax helps keep you regular, the seed butter adds healthy fat and protein, and the sliced almonds add crunch!
Here is the recipe. I highly recommend you give this a try! It is such a beautiful way to start your day. The colors nourish your soul (we eat with our eyes too!) and the food nourishes your body. Make a commitment today to do this for yourself!

Have a nourishing week!

Good Morning Gorgeous Smoothie Bowl!

Good Morning Gorgeous Smoothie Bowl!

Good Morning Gorgeous Smoothie Bowl

1/2 Cup Fresh Raspberries
1/2 Cup Fresh Strawberries
1/2 Cup Fresh Blueberries
1 Ripe Banana
1 Cup Packed Baby Spinach
1 Tablespoon Sunflower Seed Butter or Tahini
2 Teaspoons Ground Flax Seed
1/2 Cup Crushed Ice
1/4 Cup Cold Water
2 Teaspoons of Sliced Almonds
Sliced Mango for the top

Directions: Place all the ingredients into a blender except the Sliced Almonds and Mango and reserving some each of the Raspberries, Strawberries and Blueberries to scatter on the top. Blend on high until smooth. Pour into a bowl (or bowl mug). I am a fan of Affirmation Bowl Mugs like this one.  Scatter with reserved berries, a few slices of mango, and sliced almonds.
Sit down and savor this highly nourishing breakfast. It is a wonderful way to care for your body that will be your home while on this planet!

You can find out more about my Health Coaching on my Website: sandrashieldshealthcoach.com and sign up for my free monthly Health Coaching newsletter (different from my blog newsletter) for tips on creating healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

Have a Gorgeous Week!

Good Morning Gorgeous Smoothie Bowl! Get your day Kickstarted and your Skin Glowing with this Delicious Gluten and Dairy Free bowl of goodness! #smoothiebowl

Eat Your Nutrients!

Eat Your Nutrients!

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