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Embracing and Feeling Good In Your Body

Package You Come In

The number one most important thing about your body is how you feel in your body! Having energy, feeling alive and excited when you wake up, being healthy, and being able to do what you would like, because you feel good inside and out. Take care of your package so it can take care of you. Your body loves you and wants you to feel good, so treat it well!

Some things I’ve learned about my body is:

1 – The perfect body is all in they eye of the beholder

2 – You can be skinny and unhealthy and also the opposite.

3 – Feeling good inside your body has a lot to do with what you eat as well as your mindset.

4. How your clothes fit does matter and affect how you feel about your body.

5. What you eat you crave. Processed junk food or healthy whole food. Your palate will change for the worse or the better.

6. Whole, real food gives you energy and supports a healthy body.

7. We are all unique individuals, and all healthy foods may not be right for you, so you need to listen to your body and eat the ones that agree with you. This doesn’t include junk food however.

Enjoy your day!

Sandra Shields, Health Coach


Lessons in Life and Welcome March!

Happy March and the coming of Spring Everyone!
We all need a reminder and encouragement now and then to get us out of a rut, and someone to tell us we are special! I believe in you all! I love the individuality of this group of wonderful people and how special you all are!!! Don’t you love Unicorns? Shine on!!! 💖💋
Have a beautiful day!
SandyLessons from a Unicorn

Do You Believe You Can?


Happy Wednesday to You! Have you been putting off something that you really want to do or accomplish because of excuses like “I don’t have time”, “It is too hard”, “I can’t afford it”, “I’ve never been able to before, so I am done trying”? “I am too tired, too old, too _______?
What if I said you can? This quote by Theodore Roosevelt is spot on! Believing you can and being positive propels us forward instead of being “stuck”. Believe you can! Then take action and set out a first step to make it happen. Make an outline of each step to get to where you want to go to fulfill your goal. (I recommend you take the first and second steps, then do your outline. The first step is Believing). Cross off each small step as you accomplish it. For instance if it is “I want more energy”, make your first step, “I am going to have more Energy”, the second step would be a commitment to drink more water each day. So many of us are chronically dehydrated and don’t even realize it. Eight glasses is a good goal.
Maybe it is to travel to a place you have always wanted to go, but there are always too many bills to pay and the kids need braces. What small step would start you on your way? How about a loose change box? Decorate it with photos of your dream destination. One small step at a time gets you closer and closer to your dreams, goals and a life you are passionate about and love! Share your goals with me below. What is one thing you have been wanting to accomplish or dream of doing? Is it weight loss, healthier food choices, more time for your hobbies, less stress? What is one small step you can take this week to begin to reach it?

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