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Dreams and Purpose

Happy Friday Beautiful!

Dreams and Purpose

What are your dreams? I hope you have some, because at every age we need dreams and purpose no matter how young or old you are! Dreams give us things to strive for, hope, excitement about our lives, and goals. I have found when I talk to people that tell me they don’t have dreams, they are in a state of depression, illness or some other difficult circumstance. Finding a purpose and going to sleep with a dream can help.

Dreams and purpose also tie in with thankfulness. Can we be thankful in all circumstances? I admit it is much easier to be thankful when everything is going right, but it is possible to be thankful, have purpose and dreams when things are not. One tip is to get into the practice of writing down ten things you are thankful for every morning. You can have a pad next to your bed, a notebook, or jot it down while you are having breakfast on your phone’s notes. If you can’t think of anything, because your circumstances are too hard, start simple.

Please share with me, I want to know. What is one dream you have right now? What is one thing in your life that gives you purpose? Share with me in the comments. I promise, I am listening.

Sandra Shields, Certified Health Coach

Health Benefits of Being Thankful and Positive

Benefits of Positivity and Thankfulness

Happy Monday Beautiful People!

Complaining and Negativity can affect our Spirit. In contrast being Thankful makes us happier. It boosts serotonin in our brains (a neurotransmitter that affects mood regulation).

My challenge to you this week to improve your health and happiness is:

Step 1
1. Before you step a foot out of bed this week, write down on a notebook, on your nightstand, at least three things you are thankful for. It can be just the fact you can get out of bed, or toilet paper, fingernails to scratch an itch, salt, trash collectors, you get the idea. This morning I was thankful for the birds singing outside, the blueberries I was going to put in my smoothie, batteries, and that is was a yoga morning!

Step 2
2. Catch yourself every time you are going to complain about something and stop before it leaves your lips. This can be hard if we are in a rut of complaining, but I promise you, as you complain less, it will get easier and easier. So keep at it! Your positivity will increase over time, and this will increase your joy.

Take these steps one day at a time. This means if you catch yourself complaining, don’t “throw in the towel”. Try again. It is okay to not do it perfectly. We all mess up. The important thing is you are moving toward positive change!

Now, next Monday morning look at your list. What are all the things you were thankful for during last week? How do you feel? Do you feel more positive, happier, content? How has your being positive and not complaining affected your interactions with others? Have you noticed anything different?

Share below some of the things you are thankful for to get you started on the road to a more positive self! Enjoy your day!

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