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The Benefits of Sunlight!

benefits of sun

Spring is a time of renewal, and we are able to get outside so much more and enjoy the benefits of sunshine and fresh air! I would add to the list below, that sunshine can help with depression, children thrive and grow more in the Summer, our hair grows faster, sunlight kills bacteria, and benefits skin disorders such as eczema, acne, and fungal infections. It is especially beneficial to get outside in the mornings for sleep, because this sets our circadian rhythm, our internal body clock which tells us when to sleep, rise, eat, and go to bed.

I always sleep better in the Summer and on days when I am outside more. I have had my Vitamin D levels checked twice a year for several years, and I don’t have to supplement in the Summertime, because my levels go up due to the increased sunshine!!! I’m living proof straight from the lab that we absorb Vitamin D from the sun. My hair definitely grows faster in the Summer. Does yours? My children have all had big growth spurts in the Summer and always go back to school looking healthier, with rosy cheeks and a glow to their skin!

Remember to wear your sunscreen and spend no more than 15 minutes in the sun without it. Enjoy the benefits of our beautiful Sun!

Have a super day!


Ming Ming’s Wishful Thinking With A Friend

Ming's Wishful Thinking With a Friend

Ming’s Wishful Thinking With a Friend

It was a sunny afternoon yesterday, one of those perfect, bright, in the seventies days, and everyone was busy going here and there in a flurry of activity. Ming and her buddy, (that’s Lily) were longing to go outside and play, but at the moment it just wasn’t happening. So, she was content to gaze out the window with Lily by her side. I am sure she was dreaming of what she would do it she were outside.  Maybe she would chase a bird, or grab a stick and get Lily to chase her.  She loves to lounge in the sunshine, basking, or roll in the grass, and Ming loves to smell Flowers.  She really does!  She will go right up to a beautiful blossom and smell it.  I call her Ferdinand after the childhood story about a bull that was supposed to bull fight, but just wanted to smell flowers. Do you know the book? She and Lily did get to go outside later in the day for a walk and a romp. It is a joy to see her enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  Then she was content to come inside again and dream. I love lazy days like this day, and so does Ming.

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