Grain Free Buffalo Chicken Nuggets

Who likes finger food? Admit it, and find your inner child!

The day to day grind can make us forget life is supposed to be fun along the way. Making chicken nuggets in the oven will not only delight any children in your life, but hopefully you as well!

School is starting soon, and I for one am going to be busier than ever with two daughters in school.  This is a fast and easy weeknight recipe with just a few ingredients, but oh so good!


Grain Free Buffalo Chicken Nuggets

Preheat the oven to 400º degrees. Lay out two parchment lined baking sheets with rims.


2 Pounds of Ground Chicken

3/4 Cup of Superfine Almond Flour

1/3 Cup of Buffalo Hot Sauce, plus more for brushing (I used Tessemae’s or you can use 2 Tablespoon’s of Frank’s with 3 Tablespoons of Olive Oil)

1 1/2 Teaspoons of Sea Salt

1/2 Teaspoon of Black Pepper

In a large bowl mix together all the ingredients gently but thoroughly. Over mixing ground meat can make it tough.

With a tablespoon scoop, make mounds of the chicken mixture evenly spaced apart on the two baking sheets. Gently press with your fingers to press them to about 3/4 inch thickness.

Place in the oven for five minutes. Remove the sheets from the oven, and brush them with additional hot sauce. Then return them to the oven for five more minutes. Remove them once again, and flip the nuggets, then brush them again with hot sauce. Bake another seven minutes, or until the center of a nugget tests to 165º degrees.

That’s it! They are ready! If you want to eat them with a fork, I will never tell! 🙂

Grain Free Buffalo Chicken Nuggets

Grain Free Buffalo Chicken Nuggets

Eat Your Nutrients!

Eat Your Nutrients!


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