Are You Getting In Your Workout? Try This!

Get Fit, Feel Fabulous!

Get Fit, Feel Fabulous!

It’s Monday again! How was your weekend? Are you getting in daily exercise? It can be hard to fit it into our hectic schedules, but I promise you if you do you will have more energy and get more accomplished throughout your day, because you will be stronger, healthier and more fit. Yes! The best way to make sure you have time for regular fitness is to make it part of your daily routine. Make it a practice!
I have found that getting in my fitness workout in the morning works best for me. It makes me energized and ready to conquer whatever comes my way, and it never gets shoved to the side because other things come up during the day. You know what I mean!
This ten minute fat burning circuit is a great way to begin your day.

Ten Minute Fat Blasting Circuit

It is just ten minutes. So get out of bed ten minutes earlier and try it this week first thing in the morning. Drink a glass of water first. Another great way to start the day is hydrating with water. Add a squeeze of lemon in it for a digestive boost and some vitamin C.
Enjoy your day!
Sandra Shields, Certified Health Coach

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