Recovering From Digestive Distress

My name is Sam, and I am starting a blog to record all the yummy things that can be created even though you might be on a restricted diet.  I have been eating a Paleo diet for a year and a half  and now need to tweak it into a SCD/Low FodMap lifestyle.  I was diagnosed with SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) recently after years of digestive problems.  I am working with my doctor and a registered dietitian to heal, and still need and want to make and eat delicious food…..I am a foodie….. and will be preparing food that doesn’t make me or my family feel like they are missing anything.  My goal is to create recipes that get me out of the kitchen and enjoying my friends, family, parties, nourish, heal and make me glow with health and still have people tell me what a fantastic cook I am!  Stay tuned, I am here to help us!  I also have a  quirky pug named, Ming Ming, whom I love to share stories about.

I am always interested to hear from you!

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