Ming Takes Her Dinner Very Seriously

Ming Waiting for her Dinner Ming, Ming is a typical Pug.  She loves her food!  I feed her a very nutrient dense, clean, meat based diet.  She also loves fruit as occasional treats and carrots.  She is my Paleo Pug.  She is two years old, and when my husband gave her to me for Christmas when she was a puppy, she fit in the palm of my hand.  I am her person.  It is humbling and infinitely wonderful to be loved with such devotion by Ming.  I want her to live a long, long life and be healthy as she ages.  She loves chicken, and when you say “chicken”  her eyes get very large and she tilts her head to the side listening intently. It is a buzz word for her as well as “liver”.  When I have a crock pot of chicken bone broth going in the house she hangs around the pot just to smell it.  Pugs have a tendency to the plump side, so she walks every day with me and we keep her treats small.  In this photo, Ming is waiting patiently, but seriously, for her dinner.


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