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Ming Hibernates

Ming Hibernates

Ming Hibernates

I know dogs technically don’t hibernate, and people don’t either, but sometimes we kinda do.  With the shorter days of winter and colder weather here on the East Coast, Ming sleeps a lot more. She likes to find a patch of sunlight coming in through a window and camp out in the sunshine. Maybe she innately knows she needs her Vitamin D. She has a favorite blanket also. It is this red one. It came with her as a puppy. Did I mention she was a Christmas gift from my husband Doug? She is the first pet gift I had ever received. I can’t imagine not having Ming Ming, she has become such an important part of our family.

Ming does quite a few tricks now, but never if you don’t have a treat in your hand. She will sit, shake, lie down, roll over and dance! Often, this is in succession in a wild frenetic attempt to obtain her treat. You have to see her dance! I have tried to fool her into thinking I have a treat in my hand and get her to do tricks, but she is too smart, I can’t fool her. You see, the way to Ming’s heart is through food, although she also enjoys a good scratch and a warm lap to sit in. That is not the way with all dogs, or pugs, even though they are known to be gluts. Our black pug, Lily, responds to praise and body contact. She will press against you tightly and close her eyes in ecstasy, no food involved. But for Ming, it is food. That is her love language.

So Ming continues to enjoy a relaxing winter, with a daily walk outside, good food to eat, good company, a patch of sunshine, and her blanket. Spring will be here soon. We will Spring ahead in a few weeks, and she will come out of her hibernation mode.

Ming Turns Three!

Time has flown by with Ming. She is my first small dog, and she is more wonderful than I could have imagined. We have had all sizes of dogs in our immediate and extended families, and each one is so individual in their personalities, likes and dislikes. My daughter had a teacher once who told the class “dogs do not have emotions”. I don’t know the basis of her statement, but she couldn’t be more wrong.

Ming Turn Three!

Ming Turns Three!

Some of the emotions and feelings of dogs I know are , Lucy a black lab, who is afraid of thunderstorms, she also smiles and talks at her favorite people. Leila, a golden retriever, who gets upset when left alone and gives the cold shoulder upon her owner’s return, and Lily, the black pug at the left. Ming’s sister. Lily is jealous in this photo because Ming is getting extra attention on her birthday. Lily gets to share the strawberries and dog presents too, but she can’t help being jealous a lot, which also makes her bossy of Ming. Ming tolerates Lily’s jealousy most of the time, because she loves Lily and is also confident in her place in the family. Lily was five months old when she became part of our family and had lacked attention the first five months, spending most of her time in a cage. She is a lovely, tail wagging girl who presses her body against you because she craves physical contact.

Baby Ming

Baby Ming

Here is Ming when she was a bitty baby pug that fit in the palm of my hand. She was a Christmas gift from my husband. He came into the house with her tucked into his coat two days before Christmas, and said, “reach inside my coat for a surprise”. She was a fluffy warm ball of fur.

Happy Birthday Ming, Ming. You have brought me three years of joy, extra love, cuddles and laughter!



Pumpkin Dog Treats (Ming Loves Pumpkin, But She Doesn’t Want to Be One)

I thought Ming would be cute in a pumpkin costume when the Trick or Treaters came to the door this year, but she really, really doesn’t like clothes of any kind, especially on her head, can you tell?

Ming Loves Pumpkin, But She Doesn't Want To Be One

Ming Loves Pumpkin, But She Doesn’t Want To Be One

So, to apologize to her for compromising her dignity, I made her some Pumpkin Pup Treats.  She adores them, and gets a little crazy when she hears the bag rattling. Your pup will enjoy these healthy homemade dog treats too, whether they like to dress up or not! If your dog loves to wear costumes or doesn’t, I would enjoy seeing pictures of your pets! E-mail me your pet photos at: sameatshernutrients@gmail.com so I can meet the pets you love!

Pumpkin Pup Treats

Pumpkin Pup Treats

Pumpkin Pug Treats

Preheat Oven 350º degrees.


1 Cup Organic Pumpkin Puree

2 Pastured Eggs

1/2 Cup Natural No Sugar Peanut Butter

1/2 Cup Coconut Flour

1/4 Cup Gelatin (I used this)

1 Teaspoon Dried Parsley Flakes

1/2 Teaspoon Himalayan Pink Salt

Mix all the ingredients with an electric hand mixer. Scoop with a tablespoon cookie scoop onto parchment lined cookie sheets. Bake 15 minutes. Cool and package.

Makes 24 treats.  Freeze them in small batches so you can pull them out of the freezer a little at a time for your pet.

Eat Your Nutrients!

Eat Your Nutrients!

Ming Ming’s Wishful Thinking With A Friend

Ming's Wishful Thinking With a Friend

Ming’s Wishful Thinking With a Friend

It was a sunny afternoon yesterday, one of those perfect, bright, in the seventies days, and everyone was busy going here and there in a flurry of activity. Ming and her buddy, (that’s Lily) were longing to go outside and play, but at the moment it just wasn’t happening. So, she was content to gaze out the window with Lily by her side. I am sure she was dreaming of what she would do it she were outside.  Maybe she would chase a bird, or grab a stick and get Lily to chase her.  She loves to lounge in the sunshine, basking, or roll in the grass, and Ming loves to smell Flowers.  She really does!  She will go right up to a beautiful blossom and smell it.  I call her Ferdinand after the childhood story about a bull that was supposed to bull fight, but just wanted to smell flowers. Do you know the book? She and Lily did get to go outside later in the day for a walk and a romp. It is a joy to see her enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  Then she was content to come inside again and dream. I love lazy days like this day, and so does Ming.

Ming Loves Warm Laundry!

When there is a basket of warm laundry fresh from the dryer left unattended, Ming, Ming will find it! She has a special radar for warm things.  It is the perfect little bed of warm comfort, and she is a smart pug.  She knows a good thing when she sees it. I love that Ming, Ming likes to be comfy and cozy, It makes her an excellent cuddler! I really enjoy my cuddle time with Ming, she is sweet and kind and never makes you feel guilty for lounging on the sofa and chilling out. She spins in circles of excitement when you head toward a comfy chair in hopes you will sit down so she can leap into your lap.  She is a pug, and pugs love cuddle time! If you have a cuddler in the house, I would love to hear about them!

Ming Loves Warm Laundry

Ming Loves Warm Laundry!

Ming is Almost Pure Angel!

She really is!  I have always loved dogs.  All that unconditional love they are so good at lavishing on humans.  Ming was a Christmas gift two years ago.  She was a tiny, fluffy, little butterball that fit in the palm of my hand.  She is the first dog that was mine, and I am her person. I have never been a dog’s person before.  We have had dogs in our family, but Ming, Ming adores Me.  She follows me around the house, and in the evening when people are lounging around, it is my lap she seeks.  I love her snortle breathing, her cute wrinkly face, her antics, and her love of food.  Since finding this cute little collar tag this summer, whenever Ming, Ming is less than angelic, my family comments, “I guess her one percent is coming out!”  I feel so lucky to be Ming’s person and that she is a part of my life. She really is an angel, even when she isn’t!

Angel Pug - Almost 100%

Angel Pug – Almost 100%

Ming Loves Her Sleep!

Ming Ming Loves to Sleep


Ming is a cute sleeper.  Her mouth doesn’t hang open when she is sleeping, she doesn’t drool, she doesn’t get “bed head”.  She will sleep anywhere that looks fairly comfortable, but prefers laps.  It can be quiet or noisy, sunny or shady, day or night. She isn’t necessarily a quiet sleeper, because she snortles.  However, this makes her very easy to find. I wish I could fall asleep as easily.  I enjoy watching Ming as she naps.



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