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Back to School Survivial

teacher survivial

It’s coming! If you don’t want to think about back to school, you can just skip this……but if you want to get prepared! Ha, this is for teachers, parents and students!!! I don’t know about you, but my kids work hard all school year. My daughter Jessica has been working her behind off this Summer at her job, but loving every minute and making new connections. Imagine how pleased I was on her evening off when she came over to tell me…..”I hope you don’t mind Mom, but I raided your Perfectly Posh Face Masks and used a couple for a mini facial. I really needed it!” She is learning early how to take good care of her face for beautiful skin for a lifetime! Happy Mama here!!!
All the products in this photo are especially nice for Back to School.

You can shop for your own bundle and find these natural products here:


I sincerely appreciate your support in bringing you safer beauty and skincare products!


DIY Natural Skin and Beauty Care from Your Kitchen!

Natural Skin Care,, Beauty and Health from the Garden

Natural Skin Care,, Beauty and Health from the Garden

Nature’s Kitchen is an inexpensive way to reap natural benefits for our skin, health, and natural beauty care! This article on how to use Lavender, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Mint, Strawberries and Citrus from your local farm market or garden has some useful tips, such as a tomato facial for sunburn, and putting fresh mint leaves in water to sip throughout the day to keep you hydrated and your skin glowing!
What are you doing this weekend to nourish your body and soul? I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend with some restorative time spent doing something you love! I will be traveling to Michigan to enjoy some outdoor time with family, visiting the local Farm Market, hiking with my pugs, and being free from any to do lists or schedules for a few days!
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