Ming Is A Good Listener

Ming Listening

Ming Listening

Ming is a great listener! She also understands a lot of what is being said.  You can tell her “Skyli will be home soon!” and she runs for the door, or “Lucy is coming over” and she runs to the window looking for her. Lucy is a Black Lab and a member of the extended family.  Ming, Ming loves chicken, and when you say “chicken”, her eyes get really, really wide.  She also watches t.v., especially if there are dogs in the show.  But what I love most about how Ming listens is when she just sits and listens while I am in the kitchen.  She sits near my feet and is content to stay there as long as I am there listening to me talk to her as I work.  She tilts her head side to side and looks straight at me.  I could learn a lesson or two from her complete attention.  She makes me remember to try and listen as well as she does.


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