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Classic Anise Biscotti with Pignolis

Anise Biscotti with Pignolis (Pine Nuts) is a classic! Hazelnut Biscotti is another classic cult favorite of biscotti lovers. There are a multitude of variations of biscotti today. But sometimes I really want a pure, unadulterated, classic biscotti. In this recipe the Pignolis give the biscotti great texture and a buttery flavor, and the anise seed is, well, just classic! They are a beautiful cookie!

Classic Pine Nut Biscotti

Classic Anise Biscotti with Pignolis

Classic Anise Biscotti with Pignolis

Preheat your oven 350º degrees. Lay out a parchment lined cookie sheet.


2 1/2 Cups Superfine Blanched Almond Flour

2 Eggs

1/2 Cup Clear Honey

2 Tablespoons Coconut Flour

1/2 Cup Pignolis (Pine Nuts)

1 Teaspoon Ground Anise

2 Teaspoons Vanilla Extract (SCD Legal)

1/2 Teaspoon Baking Soda

1/4 Teaspoon Himalayan Pink Salt or Sea Salt

In a medium bowl, beat your eggs. Stir in the clear honey and vanilla extract. In a separate bowl with a wire whisk, blend your dry ingredients (Almond Flour, Coconut Flour, Ground Anise, Baking Soda and Salt). Add the wet ingredients to the dry and stir to combine with a rubber spatula. Fold in 1/4 Cup of Pignolis. Turn out on the parchment lined cookie sheet and form into a 12×6″ rectangle. Press the remaining 1/4 cup of Pignolis into the top of the dough. Bake in the 350º oven for 20 minutes. Remove from the oven and cool completely. With a serrated knife, slice the cooled biscotti starting on the short end into 1/2 inch wide diagonal slices. Lay back on the parchment lined cookie sheet, one cut side down and bake for 7 minutes, turn the biscotti over to the other cut side and bake another 7 minutes until golden brown.

Classic Pine Nut Biscotti

Classic Anise BIscotti with Pignolis

You can enjoy these delicious biscotti any time of year when you are in the mood for a classic flavor!

Classic Pine Nut Biscotti

Classic Anise Biscotti with Pignolis

Enjoy your day and keep being awesome!!!!

Eat Your Nutrients!

Eat Your Nutrients!

Bread Stuffing Paleo SCD

Stuffing has always been my favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal since I was a child. I used to be an Organic Artisan Bread Baker and sold my breads to the local co-op. I have had a serious love affair with really good homemade breads. Some of my fondest memories are of my mother’s homemade bread and how it made the kitchen smell. When my Mom went back to work when her children got older, my Pop took over the bread making. He used his own honey from the bees in the back yard to make his bread. Since going strictly Paleo almost three years ago, and then Paleo within an SCD Low FodMap template after discovering I had SIBO, I missed bread. I missed it more at first, and now I only miss it during special occasions when it is more the memories and emotional longing, because I am truly happy and feel amazing with my lifestyle and eating. However, I am making this spectacular stuffing for Thanksgiving using Pumpkin Seed Blender Bread. It is absolutely allowed because the flour is pumpkin seeds! I found the recipe on fellow blogger Danielle of Its a Love/Love Thing’s website that is here. I made a few modifications taking out the sweetness of the bread, which is a very good loaf, and made it savory for use as a stuffing bread to create a stuffing recipe. You can feel truly good about this stuffing. The pumpkin seeds add so much pure nutrition. They are rich in magnesium, zinc (which is important for prostate health), may improve insulin regulation, contain phytoestrogens, tryptophan (so if you are having turkey too, you will get a good amount of that and should sleep like a baby), and healthy fat. But really, it is simply a delicious, traditional stuffing that you will love. No need to tell anyone how good it is for them, unless you want to, because they will “gobble” it up!

Bread Stuffing with Paleo SCD Pumpkin Seed Bread

Bread Stuffing SCD Paleo


Make bread as directed on Danielle’s website here omitting the honey, vanilla and cinnamon and adding 1 teaspoon each of thyme and sage and a 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper.

Stuffing Ingredients:

3 Cups Cubed Pumpkin Seed Bread (1/2 inch cubes)

3/4 Cup Finely Diced Fennel Bulb

3 Green Onions, sliced, green parts only

2 Cups Packed Baby Spinach

2 Eggs

1 Cup Chicken or Turkey Broth (homemade if you have it)

2 Tablespoons Olive Oil or Duck Fat

1 Teaspoon Dried Parsley

1 Teaspoon Dried Thyme

1 Teaspoon Dried Sage

1/2 Teaspoon Black Pepper

1/2 Teaspoon Himalayan Pink or Sea Salt

Directions: Grease a small casserole dish, about a quart sized.  Preheat oven 350º degrees. Place your bread cubes in a large bowl and set aside. In a dutch oven or heavy sautee pan add olive oil or duck fat over medium-high heat. Add the diced fennel and green onion, and cook for five minutes until the fennel is tender. Stir in the salt, pepper, thyme, sage and parsley. Add the spinach and stir until wilted.

In a small bowl whisk together the eggs and broth. Fold them into the bread cubes, then add the sauteed vegetable mixture and incorporate that evenly. Pour the stuffing into your casserole dish, spread evenly in the pan and bake for 30 to 40 minutes until internal temperature measures 165º degrees and/or it is set. Mmmmmm, Stuffing!

Serves 4 – 6

(If you are very low FodMap have a smaller serving)

Zucchini Tomato Quiche

Good Morning! Want a yummy, pretty quiche that is easy but looks like it isn’t?  I made this last night for dinner, and it is really good! It comes together fast, and the parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme in the crust is delish! It makes great leftovers also, or served cold for lunches. I used a 12 inch tart pan to make it, but a pie pan would work as well.

Zucchini Tomato Quiche

Zucchini Tomato Quiche

Directions: Preheat your oven 350º degrees. Grease a tart or pie pan lightly with shortening and set aside.

(See In My Pantry Page for Brands I like and are SCD Safe)

Crust Ingredients:

2 1/4 Cups Superfine Almond Flour

2 Tablespoons Organic Palm Shortening

1 Egg

3/4 Teaspoon Himalayan Pink Salt or Sea Salt

1/2 Teaspoon Dried Parsley

1/2 Teaspoon Crushed Rosemary

1/4 Teaspoon Ground Sage

1/4 Teaspoon Ground Thyme

1/4 Teaspoon Black Pepper

For the Crust, in a medium bowl, whisk together the dry ingredients. Melt the palm shortening  and whisk into the almond flour and then the egg. Stir with a fork until crumbly and then press into the bottom of your tart or pie pan. Bake in the oven for 8 minutes, then remove and set aside.

Ingredients for Filling:

4 Cups of Zucchini sliced into thin rounds with a mandolin slicer (about 2 medium zucchini)

9 Cherry Tomatoes

4 Eggs (divided)

1/2 Teaspoon Pink Himalayan or Sea Salt

1/2 Teaspoon Black Pepper

2 Tablespoons Garlic Olive Oil (for the top)


Directions for filling:

Slice your cherry tomatoes in half. Whisk two eggs in a small bowl, and add 1/4 teaspoon of salt and pepper. Pour the egg mixture on the tart crust spreading evenly, then make concentric overlapping circles with half of the zucchini slices, making a spiral. (See photo) Whisk together the last two eggs with 1/4 teaspoon of salt and pepper. Pour the remaining 2 egg mixture over the zucchini and make sure it is evenly spread. Layer the rest of the zucchini in a spiral again. Brush the top layer of zucchini with 2 tablespoons of garlic olive oil, and top with the cherry tomatoes. Sprinkle with a little, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Bake in the oven for 40 minutes or until eggs are set. If you use a pie pan, it will take about ten minutes longer. Remove from the oven, cool slightly, then serve.


Zucchini Tomato Quiche

Zucchini Tomato Quiche


Eat Your Nutrients!

Eat Your Nutrients!

Sunflower Pumpkin Seed Crackers

Sometimes I just gotta have something crunchy!  Crackers are especially nice, because I like something to go with the crunch, if I am not eating them plain for a quick crunch fix. You can dress up a cracker with toppings.  I personally like to pile them with meat and veggies or eat them with a salad.  Some of the benefits of  pumpkin seeds are healthy fat, magnesium, zinc, tryptophan, and studies also show they aid in hair growth. Sunflower seeds contain many beneficial vitamins as well, including B vitamins and vitamin E.

This recipe for crackers is free of all major allergens, no nuts, dairy, soy, gluten, grain, and they are easy and fast.

Sunflower Pumpkin Seed Crackers

Sunflower Pumpkin Seed Crackers

You will need a high speed blender or food processor to grind the nuts into flour, two parchment lined cooking sheets, and a rolling pin if you want them thin.


3/4 Cup Sunflower Seeds (I bought sprouted ones, but optional)

3/4 Cup Pumpkin Seeds (optional sprouted)

1 Pastured Egg or 1 Flax Egg, See Here for good directions on How to Make One

2 Tablespoons Tahini

2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil, melted or Olive Oil

2 Teaspoons Lime Juice

1/2 Teaspoon Himalayan Pink Salt

Directions:  Pulse the seeds in a blender or food processor until you have a very fine flour consistency.  Transfer the ground seeds to a bowl. and add the salt. Next Whisk egg and incorporate it into the nut flour mixture. Melt the coconut oil and tahini in the microwave together for ten seconds then whisk  to incorporate,  whisk in the lemon juice to the coconut oil mixture. Add the liquid ingredients to the nut flour, egg mixture and stir vigorously until a ball forms and the ingredients are thoroughly blended.

Divide dough in half, form into balls and place on two separate pieces of parchment paper.  Top each sheet with another piece of parchment paper to roll them thin and keep the dough from sticking to your rolling pin.  Roll or pat each cracker round out until 1/4 inch thick.  Take off the top parchment paper and bake in the oven 325º degrees for 15 minutes until golden brown.  After they cool, break into pieces.  Store cooled in an airtight container.

Eat Your Nutrients!

Eat Your Nutrients!


Italian Bacon Popovers

The air is starting to cool here in preparation for Fall, and that makes me crave popovers!  According to James Beard, although they resemble Yorkshire Pudding, they are purely an American creation.  I have a lot of English heritage, and grew up eating recipes my Grandmother made from  what she called “the old country” (England).  So here is a version of a popover that I find to be Fall Comfort Food in my humble opinion. It is a little American, with an Italian Flair and a bit of English whimsy, but mostly they are plain delish! I added some good quality parmigiano reggiano, which is SCD Legal, but if you don’t tolerate dairy, they are equally delicious without it.  They are so, so good hot from the oven! They are fun to eat, and I used leftover popovers to pack sandwiches for my daughters lunches the next day.  Just split them and fill them for a mini sandwich. So, enjoy a little Fall comfort food and make some popovers!

Italian Bacon Popovers

Italian Bacon Popovers

Italian Bacon Popovers

You can use a popover pan like this, but a muffin pan works just fine! It makes a dozen puffy popovers!

Oven Ready Popovers

Oven Ready Popovers


2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil or Ghee, Melted

1/2 Cup Cooked, Sugar Free is Bacon (4 slices) cooked and chopped

8 Large Pastured Eggs

1 Cup Full Fat Coconut Milk

1/2 Cup shredded Parmigiano Reggiano, optional Omit for Dairy Free

1/4 Cup Coconut Flour

1/4 Cup Scallions, green tops only, sliced

1 Teaspoon Italian Seasoning

1 Teaspoon Pink Himalayan Salt

1/2 Teaspoon Black Pepper

Preheat your oven 400º degrees.  Place a half teaspoon of melted coconut oil or ghee in each popover or muffin pan cup and brush it up the sides.  Crack eggs into a mixing bowl and whisk together with the coconut milk, whisk in the coconut flour and keep whisking briskly until no lumps, stir in the remaining ingredients, then fill each popover or muffin cup 2/3 full with batter. Don’t overfill, leave room for them to pop up! Your batter will look like this.

Italian Bacon Popover Batter

Italian Bacon Popover Batter

Place the pan in the preheated oven and bake 30 – 35 minutes keeping an eye on them until they are golden brown.  Don’t be tempted to open the oven door. Think Souffle!  When they are done, remove them from the oven and take them out of the pan while still hot and cool.  Eat them warm, or they make a very nice mini-sandwich!

Italian Bacon Popover

Italian Bacon Popover

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Cinnamon Date Thumbprint Cookies

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! The kids are all back in school now, so our routines are changing. We made this delicious cookie this weekend that I wanted to share with you. Thumbprints are such a fun cookie to eat and make.  I especially enjoy making them with my children because the process is very hands on and fun.

Here is a delicious version of a thumbprint cookie that has just the right amount of cinnamon and a date filled center.

Also, don’t forget to enter the giveaway! It is posted under Products I Love.  The giveaway ends Monday, September 8th, and is a very modern Cooler that is eco-friendly, light and functions so much better than the cheap styrofoam ones.  It is hosted by Rafflecopter, so just click on the link on the giveaway page, and it will take you there to enter.

So, here is the new cookie recipe! It makes 18 cookies.

Cinnamon Date Thumbprint Cookies

Cinnamon Date Thumbprint Cookies

Preheat your oven 350º degrees F.


For Cookie:

1 1/2 Cups Blanched Superfine Almond Flour

6 Tablespoons Coconut Flour

1 Tablespoon Grass Fed Gelatin

1/2 tsp. Baking Soda

1/4 Teaspoon Himalayan Pink Salt

1 Tablespoon Cinnamon

1/2 Cup Coconut Oil

1/4 Cup Clear Honey

1 Tablespoon SCD Legal Vanilla Extract

In a small bowl, whisk together the dry ingredients.  In a separate bowl cream your coconut oil, honey and vanilla extract. Slowly add the dry ingredients to the wet and mix until incorporated thoroughly.  Scoop tablespoon sized cookies onto two parchment lined baking sheets two inches apart and make a thumbprint in the center. I used a tablespoon cookie scoop.


4 Medjool Dates, Pits Removed

2 Tablespoons Hot Water

2 Tablespoon Finely Shredded Unsweetened Coconut

1 tsp. Vanilla Extract

1 tsp. Fresh Lemon Juice

Pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt

Puree the filling ingredients together until smooth. I used my small Ninja chopper for this, but anything that will puree fairly small amounts will work fine. Scoop a teaspoon of filling for each cookie and place it in the thumbprint.

Bake 20 minutes, then cool. I hope you enjoy these cookies like we do! Also, remember the great giveaway! I use my cooler all the time!

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Messy Jessie’s

Messy Jessie's

Messy Jessie’s

This recipe is a SCD Diet, Low FodMap rendition of Sloppy Joe’s in honor of my daughter, Jessie, who loves them.  It is a quick and easy weeknight meal using my SCD Low Fodmap BBQ Sauce recipe. So you can have this BBQ Sauce on hand and add to two pounds of ground meat and a few other ingredients, and viola, a very yummy Messy Jessie!


1 Large Butternut Squash

2 Pounds of Grass Fed Ground Beef

1 Green Pepper, chopped

1 1/2 Cups SCD Low FodMap BBQ Sauce

1 teaspoon Himalayan Pink Salt

1/2 teaspoon Black Pepper

1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil, Plus more for the Squash


Peel and Slice the Butternut Squash into rounds.  The rounds will come from the solid top part of the squash.  The rest can be cubed and roasted along with the “buns”.  Lay the rounds in a single layer on a parchment lined cookie sheet, and brush with melted coconut oil and salt and pepper to taste.  Roast in a 400 degree oven for 25 minutes flipping after 15 minutes.  This is your bun.

Meanwhile, sautee the green pepper, ground beef, salt and pepper in the coconut oil until browned. Drain excess fat and add the BBQ sauce and simmer for five minutes. Place one round of butternut squash on a plate, pile on the Messy Jessie filling and top with another round of squash. A family friendly Messy Jessie!  My husband and kids love the butternut squash bun, and the leftover filling is great on salad the next day.

Eat Your Nutrients!

Eat Your Nutrients!


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