My SIBO is Gone!

I received the results of my third SIBO test this week, and it is gone!  It took seven months, and I feel so good! I did not get rid of the SIBO with diet alone, but it was a big part of feeling better.  I have been working with my naturopathic doctor, and took two courses of antibiotics over the last seven months.  I will be continuing to eat a SIBO prevention diet to prevent relapse, so there will be plenty of new recipes.  I have found with the FodMaps, as I have healed, I am able to tolerate some of the higher FodMap foods in my diet such as dried dates, (at the advice of my nutritionist) but not any that are “illegal” on SCD Diet/SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet.  Go Here to Get the Diet Printout. The key is moderation and listening to your body. If you try a food in the higher to moderate FodMap category, go slow and don’t overdo it.  It is important to me to get variety of nutritious food in my diet and incorporate them slowly.  If I have a reaction, I back off and go back to lower FodMap, trying again later.  Eating FodMap foods are important for the microbiome diversity. Also, wait until you are symptom free before incorporating some of the moderate and then higher FodMap foods. Make sure to look at the tags at the top of each recipe to see if it has a Low FodMap tag.  Some of the recipes are not on the low spectrum, so I don’t tag those as Low FodMap.  Get to know the list of foods that are high and low. Take the list to the grocery store with you to refer to. I found this very helpful. SIBO can reoccur if you go back to a Standard American Diet (SAD) in many cases. I am one of those that relapse. I was originally eating Paleo for two years, but tweaked it to a SCD Low FodMap protocol within a Paleo template after being diagnosed with SIBO. It is important to know that Low FodMap is not a long term fix. Eating Low FodMap for too long can disrupt your microbiome and the good bacteria in your digestive tract. It is a short term symptom reliever allowing some of the bad bacteria in the small intestine to die off.  Everyone has different food tolerances and intolerances, so I encourage you to get in touch with your digestion, and find what works best for you, and get tested if you suspect you have SIBO. If you have SIBO it is very helpful to work with an experienced practitioner. You can go here to read more about it. This isn’t medical advice, but my story and experience. Wishing you a happy nutritious day!

Eat Your Nutrients!

Eat Your Nutrients!


  1. Jason says:


    I was just reading the post regarding your experience with SIBO and that, as of October 2014, you have reported that the recent diagnostics indicate it has been eliminated from your system.

    I have self-diagnosed myself with this condition as my symptoms, while being relatively moderate compared to the more extreme cases, are consistent with those of a SIBO. Unfortunately, multiple visits to multiple doctors have failed to yield a diagnosis, let alone a treatment option. Every doctor to whom I have spoken either are not aware of this condition or don’t accept that it even exists. This, as you can imagine, has been quite frustrating for me.

    I have a couple of questions regarding your treatment protocol and long-term results:
    1. As of this date, are you still free of SIBO-related symptoms?
    2. During your treatment, were you able to consume the foods categorized under the “Low FODMAP” category?
    3. Did you consume any grains while on this diet (i.e. gluten-free or not)?
    4. Were you able to consume alfalfa / cotton honey? I have noted that honey is normally listed as a high-FODMAP sweetener and I have eliminated it from my diet. Having said that, I never noticed any direct correlation between consumption of honey and onset of my symptoms.

    Unfortunately, their appears to be a wealth of contradictory information on the internet regarding a diet that is congruent with a SIBO condition. I am not merely attempting to alleviate my symptoms, but (hopefully) achieve a cure.

    I greatly appreciate your post and wish you all the best with your health!



    • Hi Jason. I was diagnosed with SIBO after going to numerous doctors and getting no answers, just many tests. Then I found a naturopathic doctor who ordered the Hydrogen Breath Test through Commonwealth Labs. I worked with my doctor through Skype as she is in California and I am in Maryland.
      I was treated with antibiotics that target SIBO and put on a Low FodMap, Specific Carb Diet within a Paleo template. I had been eating Paleo for two years prior after discovering I had a gluten sensitivity. I am still SIBO free maintaining this diet. SIBO feeds on certain carbs, and grains are not allowed on a SIBO protocol as they feed the bad bacteria.
      I use clover honey in my recipes, because it is the lowest in FodMaps. Over time, as I was symptom free, I have been able to add in more FodMap containing food with great success. I feel this is important to maintaining proper gut bacteria and health, so I encourage people to challenge themselves by slowly adding in more FodMaps cautiously as their SIBO is eliminated.
      I do think it is best to have a diagnosis so you truly know what you are dealing with. But, you can also follow a Low FodMap SCD Diet and see if your symptoms improve. There is also a good doctor at Johns Hopkins who treats SIBO and will do testing, as well as Allison Siebecker. You can find more information on her and an eating guide under the toolbar Digestive Health and Products I love.
      If you would like to talk further or I can answer more questions, email me privately at and I will be happy to answer any other questions!


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