Strawberry Mousse w/ Fresh Strawberries and Coconut Cream

Ming is quite frequently in the kitchen when I am cooking hoping for a treat!  She loves berries and will perform all sorts of tricks, but only if the berry is in your hand.  She is very smart and won’t be fooled into doing a trick and wasting all that energy if the treat is not visible.  Yesterday I made this luscious Strawberry Mousse, and she danced for a fresh strawberry.   I discovered how to make the texture ultra creamy by trial and error.  It has gelatin in it which is so good for skin, hair and nails as well as cartilage, joints, and tummy. It is Healthy SCD, Low FodMap and Paleo. It will wow your guests with the presentation and is perfect for spring celebrations, such as Mother’s Day!  So, here is the recipe.  It serves six, or extra for you!

Strawberry Mousse w/ Fresh Strawberries and Coconut Cream

(make it the day before you want to serve) Serves 6


Place coconut milk, water, frozen berries and honey, and vanilla extract into a medium saucepan and heat to a high simmer.  Meanwhile, place gelatin in small bowl with 1 1/2 tablespoon of water and whisk to soften.  When mixture in saucepan has come to a high simmer, add the gelatin and whisk for three more minutes to dissolve.

Pour this into a high speed blender while still hot and turn to high for three minutes to create volume.  This is how you get the mousse.  Pour immediately into serving glasses of your choice and refrigerate overnight covering after  cool.  The next day right before serving arrange fresh strawberries on top and scoop the coconut cream off your refrigerated coconut milk into a bowl, give it a whisk and place dollops on top of your dessert.


Creamy & Refreshing

Creamy & Refreshing

Creamy and Delicious! Healthy!

Creamy and Delicious! Healthy!

Ming smelling the berry and getting ready to dance.

Ming smelling the berry and getting ready to dance.


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